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Orkney Gin Company is a multi award-winning family run business based in Orkney, a stunning set of Islands off the north coast of Scotland.

Most people know us as Orkney Gin Company, but we also trade as Orkney Spirits Limited. We have recently branched out from the gin world into spirit making, and have lovingly created Orkney Akvavit - Scotland's first Akvavit.

The bright botanicals found growing in the wild environment which surrounds us, Orkney's rich history and folklore and our passion to create something totally unique have formed the concept, taste and look behind all of our multi-award winning hand-made spirits.

Our Multi Award Winning Spirits


Akvavit - A Scandinavian distilled spirit

Distinctively complex and refreshing with hints of citrus, caraway, cardamom, we distil our Orkney Akvavit eight times to give an incredibly smooth mouthfeel.

Aatta Gin

Set inside a stunning glass bottle with a golden coin inlayed, it would be impossible not to assume the spirit inside is high quality. Aatta, meaning 'eight' in Old Norse, is distilled eight times with gorgeous whole botanicals including Orcadian rose hip, orange and vanilla. Aatta is a London Dry style gin with a bright and fresh flavour profile. 

New TAMPER Lemon Gin Camp 34 Botanicals .jpg
Camp 34 Lemon Gin

Hundreds of lemons, both hand zested and hand peeled create this stunning zingy lemon gin.

Camp 34 Lemon Gin is inspired by Italian Prisoners of War, who created their own spirits while living in the Orkney Islands during WW2.

Rhubarb Old Tom Vector Bottle Orkney Gin
Rhubarb Old Tom

Made to a traditional Old Tom style which originates in the 18th century, Rhubarb Old Tom is a soft, lightly sweetened full strength rhubarb gin, made using botanicals which compliment Scotland's bright seasonal rhubarb. 

Johnsmas Vector Bottle Orkney Gin Shop P

Johnsmas - meaning 'mid summer' in old Orcadian, is a floral and fragrant gin crafted using a variety of hand picked and seasonal botanicals that capture the clean and refreshing floral notes of an Orcadian summer.

Mikkelmas Vector Bottle Orkney Gin Shop

Bold, seasonal  botanicals make up our Mikkelmas gin, which captures the spirit of the Mikkelfeast - 'harvest time' here  in Orkney, creating a

a spiced, silky smooth autumnal gin.