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With stunning scenery, famous history, and unique folklore tales, it would be impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful Orkney islands we call home.

We are an award- winning family distillery who hand-make our spirits using historical Orcadian ingredients, traditional methods and enjoy telling Orkney’s forgotten tales through our spirits. You can feel the true essence of Orkney when you open each bottle.

Mother and Daughter/females smiling while wearing Orkney Gin Company aprons standing outside distllery door

Everything you see and taste is created by hand with love and care by our tiny family team; from hand picking our base botanicals on the rolling hills, distilling the spirit slowly up to eight times for incredible mouthfeel, to personally hand filling and corking our beautiful in house designed bottles.


Most people know us as Orkney Gin Company, but we also trade as Orkney Spirits Limited. We have recently branched out from the gin world into spirit making, and have lovingly created Orkney Akvavit - Scotland's first Akvavit and our newest - Orkney Vodka.

Orkney Vodka bottle on sand beach with waves in the background

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Our Multi Award Winning Spirits

Orkney Vodka bottle intertwined mermaid and selkie seal and Orkney Gin Company logo
Aatta Gin bottle with orange, juniper berries, vanilla, wild rosehips and cinnamon sticks and Orkney Gin Company mermaid logo
Orkney Akvavit bottle with orange, vanilla, wild rosehips, caraway, cardamon around and Orkney Gin Company logo
Johnsmas floral Ceramic Gin Bottle with wild rose petals, juniper berries, orange peel and Orkney Gin Company Mermaid Logo
Rhubarb Old Tom Ceramic Gin Bottle with cinnamon sticks, Juniper berries, wild rose petals, Rhubarb stick plants and Orkney Gin Company mermaid logo
Mikkelmas Ceramic Gin Bottle with cinnamon sticks, Juniper berries, wild rosehips, natural plants and Orkney Gin Company mermaid logo
Great British Food Awards Winner, Great Taste Producer, London Spirits Gold Competition, World Gin Awards Worlds Best Design, The Global Luxury Masters The Spirits Business, World Drinks awards Worlds Best Akvavit, Global Gin Masters Gold 2022, Scottish Retail Food and Drinks awards Platinum 2023
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