Rhubarb Old Tom

The Story

Rhubarb has long been celebrated in Orkney, with recipes passed down through generations of Orcadians over the years. We love to use traditional methods and

ingredients from times past.

'Old Tom' is a style of gin, dating back to the 18th century, where the gin would be lightly sweetened, to give a smoother finish. We realised this traditional method would allow the tart rhubarb we were picking for each batch to shine to its full potential, 

Rhubarb Old Tom


Our Rhubarb Old Tom was released on World Gin Day 2017. Inspired by our families rhubarb recipes, this Old Tom uses botanicals which compliment the unique taste of rhubarb. Lightly sweetened, the zesty rhubarb is enhanced by the smooth juniper berries and citrus peel.



Rose Petals



Rhubarb Old Tom Awards

Our Rhubarb Old Tom was released on World Gin Day 2017, almost a year after our Johnsmas and Mikkelmas. With it's delicious zesty rhubarb, complimented by the soft juniper and citrus, Rhubarb Old Tom didn't take long to catch up with popularity. It's been awarded a fantastic Great Taste Award, and a Silver in it's category in the World Gin Awards.

World Gin Awards Silver 2019

Great Taste Awards 2018

The Gin Guide Recommended 2018

The Gin Guide Recommended 2019

World Gin Awards Silver 2018

International Wine and Spirits Competition Gin and Tonic Silver 2017

50cl Bottle      41.3% abv. 

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