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From the rugged and windswept Orkney Islands, comes pure and crystal

Orkney Vodka



The Story

Our islands are a place of astonishing allure, captivating both locals and those lucky enough to visit with their lush, fertile land and crisp, clean air. Orkney Vodka is based on the beauty of the land, surrounding waters and air on our stunning islands. It is distilled slowly using the purest local water, filtered for an exceptional clarity.



This stunning clean vodka is distilled an incredible eight times in our family run distillery on the small island of Burray.

Just a bit of helpful information...

Each time spirits are distilled, they become  lighter and purer. Our Orkney Vodka, Aatta Gin and Orkney Akvavit are some of the purest spirits made in Scotland, distilled an exceptional eight times (don't worry our others are distilled seven times - so just one less!). This technique creates extra contact with the copper within the still  for further smoothness, clarity and a unique silky texture.


Orkney Vodka
The Bespoke Bottle

Inspired by tales of mysterious Selkie-Folk and traditional knot patterns, the bottle incorporates the original logo seen on our other much loved bottles: the kelp, and our favourite Selkie Wife. But this time, we finally get to see her face, and we also get to meet a playful friend from tales shared. The logo is smooth and flowing with a silky movement to it, just like the wonderful, clear spirit inside.

Refreshing Juices

Orkney Vodka

Enjoy ice cold straight from the freezer on its own, or keep it traditional and enjoy with your favourite mixers and see them elevated by the purity of Orkney Vodka.

Some of our favourite mixers are Franklin and Sons Cola, Folkingtons Pink Lemonade and Franklin and Sons Mandarin and Ginger Soda.

It's also the perfect base for refreshing cocktails, whether it's a simple 'Selkie on the Shore', or something much more creative.

41.5% ABV

70cl Bottle

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