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Clear · Pure · Silky-Smooth


Pure, crystal clear - a vodka with exceptional clarity.

From the beginning of our journey as a family distillery, our ethos is to provide spirits of unrivalled quality, with only the best ingredients. Orkney Vodka is a grain Vodka, crafted in small batches in our custom built family distillery on the shore of Orkney famous Scapa Flow. The spirit is distilled an incredible eight times, each distillation creating a deeper, smoother, and purer spirit of exceptional quality.


70cl/700ml, 41.5%ABV

Orkney Vodka 70cl

PriceFrom £36.00
  • All our clear spirits are distilled eight times - incredibly slowly in the final distillation - to allow more time for the liquid to come into contact with the copper. Each distillation creates more silk and clairty, meaning our Orkney Vodka, Aatta Gin and Orkney Akvavit are some of the purest spirits you can find in Scotland. We have chosen to create a grain vodka, bottled at a perfect 41.5% ABV - light and silky in texture and flavour - the perfect elevation for cocktails or your favourite drinks.

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