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Made to the traditional Old Tom style which originates in the 18th century, this is a soft lightly sweetened, yet full strength zesty, fruity gin.


Botanicals include: rhubarb, juniper, cinnamon, rose petals and Seville orange. All these whole botanicals are infused with large quantities of chopped Scottish rhubarb for a perfect flavour combination. Similar flavour combinations in jams and home bakes have been passed down in family recipes for many generations here in Orkney which is where our idea for this zesty and zingy spirit came from. Orcadians love rhubarb, so we had to make it into a spirit.


The flavour of our gins may vary slightly from batch to batch, although we follow the same precise recipe. This is due to the natural variations in the botanicals used and we feel this adds to the character of our unique creations.


50cl/500ml 43% Alc.

Rhubarb Old Tom Gin 50cl

PriceFrom £32.90
  • This delicious gin can be paired with so many things, but our ultimate favourite has to be this. Prosecco and Rhubarb Old Tom to taste. We especially love it at Christmas time or during family gatherings. It's a great celebratory drink. Other ideas are Indian tonic, ginger ale, lemonade for those with a sweeter tooth. Garnish with rasperries or orange.

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