At the Orkney Gin Company, we make our spirit the traditional way. We’re a small scale, family business,

and we’re proud of our Orcadian roots. 

Our gin is produced on the Isle of Burray – the ‘Broch Isle’ of Scapa Flow.


At Orkney Gin Company we hand craft our gin in order to retain the full flavour of our botanicals and ensure the highest quality product. Our method of making the gin takes us back hundreds of years to the bathtub method. Our gin is distilled seven times to ensure the highest of quality, then we add botanicals in stages over varied time periods to our ultra-small batches. Then we filter our gin, and sample often. Our gins are carefully bottled and labelled by our family; creating completely unique, seasonal gins with distinct flavours, colour and smell, reflecting the islands we call home.

Orkney's rich culture of traditions formed the inspiration behind each distinct taste. Our gin is made using traditional techniques, we don't believe in rushing the product, and we like to keep our Gin Company as a family business. We use many Orcadian botanicals which would have been used in the past for cooking and drinks making.

Our labels and bottles were inspired by the beautiful stoneware we are sometimes lucky enough to find washed up on Orkney's beaches.

Our logo depicts a Selkie-Woman. Stories of the elusive selkie-folk - seals which are able to cast their skin and assume human form -  were said to be mysterious and alluring. The tales of their interactions with humans have been passed down through generations of Orcadians and on to our bottles today.

Orkney Gin Company

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