Orkney Akvavit

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Orkney Akvavit

A refreshing and revitalising Scandinavian distilled spirit

with herbaceous caraway, citrus and rosehips. Orkney Akvavit is distilled eight times along with these botanicals creating an incredibly smooth and refreshing spirit.

Winner of an amazing prestigious Three Star Great Taste Award in 2020

History and Folklore

Akvavit (sometimes spelled Aquavit) is a Scandinavian spirit, which has been around for hundreds of years. Orkney used to belong to Scandinavia for a very long time - about the same amount of time Orkney has been part of Scotland for now. So unlike a lot of Scottish Islands, our dialect came from Norse. Much of our history, traditions, language and folklore including the stories of selkies which are on our bottles came from our connections to Scandinavia. You can really see why local Orcadians making the first Scottish Akvavit on the Orkney Islands makes perfect sense!

Botanicals and Tasting Notes

Botanicals Include:



Seville Orange

Star Anise

70cl Bottle       41.5% abv