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Get Creative with our delicious Cocktails and Serves

Whether you're having a cosy night in, a family get together, or a catch up with friends - These cocktails are sure to impress.

A special thank you to David at SpeakEasierUK, who worked tirelessly to create these wonderful photographs and cocktails inspired by Orkney.


Aatta G&T

Blood Orange Tonic, Dehydrated Naval Orange Garnish


Mikkelmas G&T

Mexican Lime Tonic, Mint Garnish


Rhubarb Old Tom G&S

Fever Tree Raspberry and Rose Soda, Raspberry Garnish

Mikkelmas Botanicals 2_edited_edited.png

Seven Seas

Use : Mikkelmas Gin

David says: "this is one of my favourite ever cocktails I've made!"

This special cocktail brings zesty citrus and Mexican spice for a refreshing zing and flare.

Johnsmas Botanicals 1_edited.png

The Skara Braemble

Use : Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

So yummy and refreshing. This icy cocktail is sure to cool you down on a warm summers day. The zingy lemon and creamy ingredients delightfully elevate the Scottish rhubarb in our zesty Rhubarb Old Tom.


Rhubarb Old Tom G&T

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic,  Mint Garnish


Aatta G&T

Mediterranean Tonic, Cinnamon Stick Garnish


Johnsmas G&T

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic, Cucumber Garnish

Orkney Gin Mikkelmas Drinks Mat Print Re

The Italian Chapel

Use : Aatta Gin

The Italian Chapel is a place very close to our hearts, and actually not far from our distillery either. The chapel, which is one of the most visited attractions on our islands was lovingly built and decorated by the Italian Prisoners of War who greatly aided the construction of the Churchill Barriers. This cocktail's ingredients are a little bit harder to find (being Italian of course) but it's totally worth it for that bittersweet flavour with hints of rose and liquorice.

AkvavitHamnavoe-14 Edited.jpg


Use : Orkney Akvavit

‘Hamnavoe’ - the Viking name for Stromness, an old town on the Orkney islands - is a refreshing cocktail with a subtle spice and velvety finish. The ingredients complement Orkney Akvavit’s citrussy orange and caraway notes.

Orkney Gin co botanical Badge T Shirt Corrected_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

The Great Yellow Bumble Bee

Use : Johnsmas Gin

A delightful and zesty cocktail which brings out the fresh and bright botanicals in our Award Winning Johnsmas Gin


Mikkelmas G&T

Mediterranean Tonic, Orange Wheel Garnish

Orkney Akvavit

Orkney Akvavit A&T

Mediterranean Tonic, Star Anise Garnish


Johnsmas G&S

London Essence Co White Peach & Jasmine Soda, Pomegranate Garnish

Mikkelmas Botanicals 2_edited_edited.png

The Old Man of Hoy

Use : Mikkelmas Gin

This unique and delicious cocktail connects you directly to the sea and perfectly highlights the warmth in our Mikkelmas gin with a delicious smoky flavour


Stones of Stenness

Use : Orkney Akvavit

This cocktail's fruity notes perfectly bring out the gorgeous whole oranges in Orkney Akvavit. We love how the refreshing caraway balances the tart flavours in this long and bright cocktail.

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