Cocktails and suggested serves
with love from Orkney

A special thank you to David at SpeakEasierUK, who worked tirelessly to create these wonderful photographs and cocktails inspired by Orkney.

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Use : Orkney Akvavit

‘Hamnavoe’ - the Viking name for Stromness, an old town on the Orkney islands - is a refreshing cocktail with a subtle spice and velvety finish. The ingredients complement Orkney Akvavit’s citrussy orange and caraway notes.

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The Great Yellow Bumble Bee

Use : Johnsmas Gin

A delightful and zesty cocktail which brings out the fresh and bright botanicals in our Award Winning Johnsmas Gin

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The Old Man of Hoy

Use : Mikkelmas Gin

This unique and delicious cocktail connects you directly to the sea and perfectly highlights the warmth in our Mikkelmas gin with a delicious smoky flavour


Mikkelmas G&T

Mexican Lime Tonic, Mint Garnish

Orkney Akvavit

Orkney Akvavit A&T

Mediterranean Tonic, Star Anise Garnish


Johnsmas G&S

London Essence Co White Peach & Jasmine Soda, Pomegranate Garnish

Johnsmas Botanicals 1_edited.png

The Skara Braemble

Use : Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

So yummy and refreshing. This icy cocktail is sure to cool you down on a warm summers day. The zingy lemon and creamy ingredients delightfully elevate the Scottish rhubarb in our zesty Rhubarb Old Tom.

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