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Mikkelmas Gin in harvest time field

The Story

The Mikkelfeast,

or the Feast of St Michael

was traditionally celebrated by Orcadians from

the 29th Sep - 12th Oct.

This celebration marked  the end of the harvest and the beginning of our long winter.

The tradition still exists today with many parishes hosting their

own Harvest Home, a traditional supper and dance that lasts long into the night.  

Mikkelmas gin with botanicals; Seville orage, juniper, Orkney rose hips, cinnamon
Juniper Berries



 As the sun sets into the Autumn skies, bold, seasonal botanicals are used  to capture the warming spirit of  Mikkelmas in a spicy, silky smooth gin.

 It is delicious served with

tonic water or ginger ale and 

garnished with a slice of orange. Personally we love it as the base of a hot toddy!


Orange Peel

Juniper Berries

Heather Berries

Wild Rose Hips


Mikkelmas Awards 

Our Mikkelmas gin has performed incredibly well in many competitions. It has won a fantastic two stars in the famous Great Taste Awards, and is often highly commended and recommended by groups at tastings and awards. Our Mikkelmas has been noted as a ground breaking gin with its distinctive warming, spiced notes.


Great Taste two star

Great Taste Award 2017

International Wine and Spirts Competition Silver 2017

The Gin Guide Awards Recommended 2018


The Gin Masters Spirits Business Silver 2017

World Gin Awards - Design 2017 Silver

International Wine & Spirit Competition Gin and Tonic Silver 2017

The Gin Guide Awards Special Mention 2018

50cl Bottle      41.3% abv. 

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