At Orkney Gin Company we hand craft our gin in order to retain the full flavour of our botanicals and ensure the highest quality product. Our bathtub style method involves blending a variety of the finest botanicals with seven times distilled premium grain spirit, a modern take on a traditional method. 

The method requires ultra-small batches to be filtered, repeatedly sampled then carefully bottled

and labelled; creating three unique, seasonal gins with distinct flavours reflecting the islands we call home.


Johnsmas - meaning 'mid summer' in old Orcadian, is a floral and fragrant gin crafted using a  variety of hand picked and seasonal botanicals that capture the clean and refreshing floral notes of an Orcadian summer.


Bold, seasonal

botanicals make up our Mikkelmas gin, which captures the spirit of the Mikkelfeast - 'harvest time' here in Orkney, creating a

a spiced, silky smooth autumnal gin.


Old Tom

Made to a traditional Old Tom style which originates in

the 18th century, Rhubarb Old Tom is a soft, lightly sweetened full strength rhubarb gin, made using botanicals which compliment Scotland's seasonal rhubarb.