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Image by Jeremy Bishop

The Story

Inspired by our local history and folklore, Aatta - meaning eight in Old Norse, the language once spoken on the Orkney Islands - is a distinctive London Dry Gin, distilled an impressive eight times with eight botanicals. London Dry is a style of gin making with specific quality standards which must be followed to allow use of the name. Aatta is set to be our signature gin with whole fresh botanicals bursting with flavour.



Aatta is a complex and bright London Dry Gin. Whole Croatian juniper adds a piney and green freshness, fresh Sicilian oranges form a bright zest and dancing zing, hand-picked rose hips create a lively and slightly floral touch with the seeds inside giving another dimension, more earthy and rich. A few sticks of cinnamon add another earthy yet slightly sweet component and whole Madagascan vanilla gives the spirit a long and velvety finish.

Aatta Sea_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The Bespoke Bottle

With our Aatta, we brought our well known ‘selkie wife’ (which can be seen in our logo on all our previous spirits) to life by hand painting elements of the iridescent inner label. Tales of these mysterious sirens which were said to lure unsuspecting sailors into the sea can be found in many folklore books and stories of these creatures are kept alive by people like ourselves who continue to talk about it. The bespoke gorgeous prism shaped bottle and quality glass stopper reflect light and create an effect on the siren inside, as she appears to move and swim. The bottle has our company name, 'Orkney Spirits Limited' debased in the glass itself, with a gorgeous deep base made into the shape of the seabed oozing class and mystery. This bottle looks amazing on any shelf and truly represents the quality spirit inside.


Released in September 2021, Aatta has already done so well in the few awards it has been entered into. Noted for its distinctively complex flavour profile and beautiful bottle, Aatta has impressed judges in several awards.


2022 World Gin Awards Worlds Best Bottle

2022 World Gin Awards Worlds Best Design

2021 The Spirits Business Gold Gin Masters Award

London Spirits Competition Gold 93/100, the highest score of all gins from the UK.



Aatta is such a bright and fresh London Dry Gin, we prefer to keep its accompaniments simple. We love this hand-made gin with Indian tonic, or Mediterranean tonic and a little orange. In the winter, the addition of a cinnamon stick gives it a lovely festive twist.  Just because we love to strip it back to basics - doesn't mean you have to! Aatta is very versatile - try it with your favourite G&T mixers, soda, lemonade, ginger ale. We also enjoy Aatta as a basis of cocktails. Keep an eye out on our 'News' and 'Cocktails' page for new serves and cocktail ideas!

70cl Bottle   44% abv. 

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