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Orkney Akvavit is a refreshing and luxuriously smooth spirit inspired by our ancesters here on our Viking islands. This Scandi inspired spirit is the first of its kind made in Scotland and boasts a truly unique flavour like no other spirit, claiming the win of Worlds Best Aquavit, a Great British Food Award and several remarkable Three Star Great Taste Awards.


Orkney Akvavit is a Scandinavian botanical spirit, distilled eight times. With caraway forward and refreshing herbacious notes, this Akvavit is very smooth and fresh. Other botanicals include: bright orange and hints of star anise with Madagascan vanilla giving this akvavit a long smooth finish.


*** Great Taste Judges Comments,

'Brilliantly clear. Astonishingly vibrant caraway nose. Smooth, pure, clean essence of caraway caught in an iceberg.'

'This is just brilliant at every level, and every moment of experience. Repeated sips do not dull, and we want to keep sipping.'

'Lifted and pronounced on the nose with intense caraway, spice and citrus aromas. Characterful and bright. Intense and forward in the mouth, explosively flavoursome and bright. Huge flavours of caraway and citrus come through on a momentous finish.'


70cl/700ml, 41.5%ABV

Orkney Akvavit 70cl

PriceFrom £38.00
  • Akvavit (sometimes spelled Aquavit) is a Scandinavian spirit, which has been around for hundreds of years. Unlike a lot of Scotland, Orkney belonged to Scandinavia for a very long time - about the same amount of time us Orcadians have been Scottish for now. So unlike a lot of Scottish Islands, our dialect came from Norse. Many people spoke Norse until the 1800's here, and a lot of words we still use here come from Norse. Much of our history, traditions and folklore including the stories of selkies which are on our bottles came from our connections to Scandinavia. You can really see why local Orcadians making the first Scottish Akvavit on the Orkney Islands makes perfect sense!

    We have taken our experience making multi award-winning gins to create something completely unique. Orkney Akvavit is distlled one more time than our gins - eight times. We slow distill it with botanicals such as caraway, citrus and hand picked rosehips. Orkney Akvavit has a very unique refreshing taste, with bright caraway notes, citrus and warm star anise.




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