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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

British Aquavit Logo

A trio of award-winning British distilleries are joining up to spread the word about

Aquavit - a popular spirit in Scandinavia which is traditionally enjoyed straight

with food and on celebrations. It may be lesser known, but it's just as delicious (if not more!) as many of the drinks we already know about.

Orkney Spirits Limited, (Orkney, Scotland) Psychopomp Microdistillery

(Bristol, England) and Silver Circle Distillery (Monmouthshire, Wales) are

respectively the first Scottish, English and Welsh producers of Aquavit, and have

now joined forces to increase its UK awareness and popularity, under the banner

of ‘British Aquavit’.

“We want more people to know about this delicious and versatile spirit, so as the

first distilleries to make it here in the UK, we’re pooling our efforts to spread the

word about what Aquavit is - and more importantly - how great it tastes!”

says Erin Watt, Marketing Manager at Orkney Gin Distillery.

Aquavit/Aqvavit/Akvavit is a botanical spirit, with the spelling and specific flavour

profile varying depending on the country. It is produced in the same way as gin,

but with dill and/or caraway as lead botanicals, instead of juniper.

“Across our three distilleries, we’ve all got different styles of Aquavit, but there

are common similarities - just like when you look back at the heritage of

traditional Aquavit in Scandinavia. They all have their own idiosyncrasies - which

means there is plenty of room for people like us to experiment.” said Stephanie

Peck, head of Operations at Psychopomp Micro-Distillery.

Each of the three independent distilleries produces their own expression, but

share a love for Aquavit’s savoury flavour profile and versatility - and especially

what it brings to cocktails.

“As a group, we all recognise that there is a lot of potential for Aquavit in this

country; once people try it, they tend to love it - but it’s still relatively unknown. As

a cocktail ingredient, it really is phenomenal, it just brings a whole new

dimension.” says Joe Howden, co-founder of Silver Circle Distillery, who have

used their own Silver Circle Aquavit in some of their unique small-batch premixed


The three distilleries have now created a short film which showcases how each

of their individual aquavits are made, and how they might be used to create new

and unusual versions of popular cocktails - like a Martini or a Bloody Mary.

They have also created a ‘British Aquavit’ tasting pack & for those who want to

dive straight in and learn more about this Scandinavian favourite which can be

enjoyed on its own, with food, and in a variety of cocktails at home.

The tasting packs are available from:

British Aquavit Sampling Box

They include 3 X 50ml bottles - one each of Orkney Akvavit, Psychopomp Aqvavit & Silver Circle Aquavit, plus an online guided tasting for people to learn more about this spirit while they taste it.

Notes to editors

About Silver Circle Distillery

Silver Circle Distillery creates handmade craft spirits in the Monmouthshire

village of Catbrook, deep in the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Silver Circle’s Aquavit has previously picked up a silver award at the International

Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), the world's largest and most influential

international spirit awards. Judges at the IWSC scored it 91 out of 100,

complementing the “...warm earthy aromas of rye cereals and caraway, plenty of

spice on the palate with an anise and nutty five-spice sweetness and lingering in

the mouth on a warm peppery note."

For more information, visit:

About Orkney Gin Company

Orkney Spirits Limited, who are best known as Orkney Gin Company, hand-craft

their gins and aquavit in their small family run distillery on the shores of Orkney’s

idyllic Scapa Flow. These beautiful islands are full of unique history, once

belonging to Scandinavia before they were gifted to Scotland.

The company’s small batch ‘Orkney Akvavit’ is distilled an impressive eight times

for over 24 hours with lots of whole, fresh and hand-picked botanicals including

rose hips, whole orange segments and cinnamon. In 2022 Orkney Akvavit was

named the ‘World’s Best Aquavit’ in the World Drinks Awards and has been

noted as “Brilliantly clear, (with) astonishingly vibrant caraway nose. Smooth,

pure, (with a) clean essence of caraway caught in an iceberg" by the esteemed

Great Taste Awards judges, who have awarded the spirit ‘three stars’ twice since

its release in 2020.

For more information, visit:

About Psychopomp Microdistillery

Psychopomp is a small, independent, carbon neutral Micro-Distillery based in an

old grocery shop on St Michaels hill, Bristol. They use handmade 30L copper pot

stills to produce spirit in small batches, using a single shot method.

Psychopomp were the first UK distillery to produce a British Aqvavit, inspired by

the Danish style but with their own Bristol twist. They also produce their signature

gin recipe ‘WODEN’ alongside limited edition seasonal recipes and bespoke

batches for local independent restaurants/producers/businesses, as well as other

unique spirits: a Parisian style Absinthe and single origin coffee digestif.

For more information, visit:

British Aquavit Sampling Box Miniatures

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