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‘British Aquavit' is a collaboration between three award winning British distilleries: Orkney Gin Company, Psychopomp Microdistillery and Silver Circle Distillery.

The respectively first Scottish, English and Welsh producers of Aquavit have joined forces to increase the popularity of this exciting Scandinavian spirit.

Aquavit/Aqvavit/Akvavit is a traditional Scandinavian botanical spirit, spelling and flavour profile depending on the country. It is produced in the same way as gin, but with fennel, dill and caraway as lead botanicals. Each of the three distilleries produces a different type of this spirit, but they all have in common the love for the savoury flavour profile of this liquid.

This tasting pack includes a 5cl miniature of each of the distilleries' Aqauavit, plus a guided virtual tasting hosted by all three distilleries.

'British Aquavit' Tasting Pack - 3 x 5cl

    • 5cl Orkney Akvavit
    • 5cl Psychopomp Aqvavit
    • 5cl Silver Circle Aquavit

    The Tasting Pack is delivered in a box with the British Aquavit logo, an info flyer about Aquavit and the three distilleries, and a QR code to the virtual tasting.

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