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Orkney Akvavit - A Vikings drink

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In Orkney, we embrace our Viking heritage. So much so, that we have made a drink to reflect that. This award-winning botanical spirit (similar to a gin, but also totally different), is distilled 8 times to make sure it's smooth and refreshing. Akvavit is very easy to pair with most foods because of the fresh flavours including caraway (comparable to dill or fennel) - which gives a complex and refreshing forward, although it pairs exceptionally well with traditional Scandinavian food such as smoked fish or strong cheese.

Lovers of Akvavit usually drink it slowly, like a whiskey, to enjoy the full flavours. Some use it as a base spirit for cocktails, and some even like to chase it with a beer. Whichever way you drink it, raise a glass and shout ‘skål’ (cheers), to toast like a Viking.

Orkney Akvavit on the shore, Yesnaby Orkney
Orkney Akvavit on the shore, Yesnaby Orkney

Orkney Akvavit makes a great base for a cocktail. It provides a much deeper and more complex flavour than vodka. It’s a great way to look like a master mixologist in a heartbeat with no effort at all. This easy-to-pair drink will impress your guests almost any way you serve it. Although we do recommend you give these a try:

Recipe Difficulty Key:

Can making a cocktail be this easy and this delicious?!

⟡ ⟡ Could make it during the adverts - tastes amazing

⟡ ⟡ ⟡ Totally worth the time, could do some squats while I wait (maybe)

Great Taste Awards Three Star Judges Feedback Orkney Akvavit

Orkney Mule

A twist on a classic Moscow Mule, which is made using vodka. Instead, we are substituting our Orkney Akvavit. This delightfully fizzy serve is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day or enjoy next to a roaring log burner because of the fiery ginger beer. This fantastic cocktail could not be easier…

Serves 2

You will need:

100 ml Orkney Akvavit

30 ml fresh lime juice

½ pint of high-quality ginger beer

2 lime wedges to garnish

2 mint sprigs to garnish (optional)


In 2 separate rocks glass’ or mule mugs, put 50 ml of Orkney Akvavit, then add 15ml fresh lime juice to each and fill with ice. Fill to the brim with ginger beer and gently stir. Use a lime wedge and a mint sprig to garnish. If you prefer a stronger drink, you can use an extra 25 ml of Akvavit in each glass. Spectacular!

The Elder Fashioned

The Elder Fashioned is a nordic twist on an old-fashioned. The elderflower perfectly compliments the akvavit to create a much lighter and easier-to-drink version of a whiskey old-fashioned.

Serves 1

You will need:

50 ml Orkney Akvavit

25 ml St Germain elderflower liqueur

5 ml simple syrup

2 dashes of orange bitters

Grapefruit peel to garnish


This fantastic drink could not be easier. Place all of the ingredients in a rocks glass, fill to the brim with ice, and stir well. If you like a strong drink; only stir for a few seconds, but if you like a slightly weaker drink; stir for up to 30 seconds. Garnish your drink with a grapefruit peel. Enjoy!

Orkney Akvavit Cocktail

Our Favourite Serves

  • Franklin and Sons Rosemary & Black Olive Tonic- pairs perfectly with our Akvavit - garnish with 2 black olives on a stick and a sprig of rosemary

  • Fevertree Spanish Clementine Tonic - so refreshing! Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

  • Double Dutch Pomegranite & Basil tonic - very different, but worth a try - garnish with lemon and 2 basil leaves

  • Buzzbees Ginger Ale- a very light and drinkable ginger ale- garnish with a lime wedge

  • Double Dutch Indian Tonic- classic tonic to make a fabulous A&T- garnish with a lime wedge

  • Fevertree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale - add a spicy kick to your Akvavit - this compliments the star anise in it perfectly. Garnish with star anise to heighten the spice.

Shop Orkney Akvavit Below

Also available in our Luxury Hamper with four Franklin and Sons mixers to try and two gorgeous glasses.

We hope you enjoyed trying out some new drinks, be sure to let us know which one was your favourite! Tag us on your Instagram photos so we can see your finished products @orkneygincompany or @orkneygin on Twitter.

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