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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

I do love Winter - that feeling when it's wild outside and you're cosy under a blanket, but by March, I think we are all starting to get a bit fed up of the impracticalities of our Island's unruly weather. Every time the sun shines and gives us that little warmth on our jeans, it also warms the soul a little - as corny as that sounds. I find myself getting that cheery and excited feeling. I start to think about my garden, how the grass starts to get much greener and lots of wildlife and farm animals make their way outside to enjoy the milder weather. It feels like a very mixed season where it's sometimes chilly (like today), but other days we are picturing trips to the beach and evening drinks on the patio.


For centuries in March, on our islands we celebrate new life: lambs, birds and bees emerging. And enjoying change is no different here at Orkney Spirits Limited. After many months of back and forth lots of organising and hard work, we have finalised the look of our new and exciting product which solidifies our Orkney Spirits Limited name even further than our award-winning Orkney Akvavit.

I must apologise that it's taken so long, it's been months since I sent my initial design to printing companies, but they have been exceptionally busy over Christmas, so sadly we didn't meet that deadline. That gave me some extra time to make adjustments to the final look of the bottle and perfect the labels.


First came the front design, which was inspired by selkie-folk and Celtic knots. I've incorporated the original logo ideas you see on our other much loved bottles: the kelp, and our favourite Selkie Wife. But this time, we finally get to see her face, and we also get to meet a playful friend from tales of the selkie-folk. The logo is smooth and flowing with a silky movement to it, just like the wonderful, clear spirit inside.

Sometimes when you have been working on something for so long, you don't know where to go next. I knew what I wanted the final look to be - clean and crisp with lots of artic blue hues to contrast the whites and silvers of the logo, but I was having a block in my mind as to how to achieve a similar aesthetic to our other award-winning bottles. Thanks to Katy from down the road, (the talented lady behind our botanical drawings and beautiful work by Hackney & Co.), we made a few adjustments to our Orkney Akvavit seascape to suit the new spirit and we finally have a high-end bottle with wild waters in the background as you look into the bottle, which is very 'us'.

Keeping the Orkney Gin Company look is the most important thing in my work and sometimes feels like my biggest responsibility - so I hope you like it just as much as the other lovely bottles! We will be sharing many more images and information about our Orkney Vodka in the coming weeks.

Orkney Vodka bottle label


By signing up to our Mailing List (sign up in the footer) to find out more about our new Orkney Vodka - which is expected to be available on our website and in most local shops/bars/restaurants in April - all going to plan!

We can't wait to show you our pure and crystal Orkney Vodka.

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